We believe every child should be able to attend summer camp!  Camp is such a unique place for campers to make lifelong friends, experience the outdoors, learn about God and to grow.   At Camp Arrowwood, we wanted to write a quick blog to help you think about different ways to come up the money to pay for camp.

Recently there was a mom who needed to fill out an application for a scholarship. As she was filling out the form step by step, she quickly realized that she didn’t even need a scholarship. Here are our best hints to help you pay for camp:

#1 Take advantage of discounts

Register Early for camp and get a $40 discount (thru March 15th)
-Family Discount – $50 off for each additional family member after the 1st
-Recruit Discount – $50 for every new friend you bring to camp.  Bring 4 friends? $200 off!

#2 Your Camper

Have your child think of some creative ideas to earn money for camp. Some campers from past years have held a garage sale, and made necklaces and bracelets to sell. Let your camper get creative! What a fantastic life lesson you will be teaching them.  Send us your stories of ideas your camper has to raise money.  Set a specific goal of $50 or $100.

#3 Parents/Guardians

This might seem like the most obvious, but sometimes spouses,  don’t often communicate about ways that they can afford camp.  If you are separated or divorced, you can still ask the other about paying a portion of camp tuition.

#4 Relatives

Probably one of our best tips: For birthdays and holidays ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to give money for your child to put in their camp fund.  Coming up with gift ideas can be tough, especially when you already have a house full of stuff, ask them for the gift of camp.  Make sure your camper communicates with them about the value of camp and what it means to them.

#5 Schools/Churches

Talk to your school or church about possibly chipping in to pay for camp.  Chances are, they’ve seen the huge positive effect camp as had on your child.  Let them know that you are trying to come up with creative ways to pay for camp, tell them about your plan to come up with money and see if they would like to be involved.

#6 Scholarships

At Arrowwood, we have a small pool of alumni and donors who give money for camp scholarships. After you have done your best to come up with money for camp, apply for a scholarship below.

Scholarship Form

You CAN afford camp!       

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