Can you make sure that my son is with all 11 of his friends and that they are in every activity together?

So this is an email request that we get here at camp all the time…….and we get it, we understand, we really do.  Every parent’s fear is that they will send their child to camp, their child won’t make any friends and they will be left wandering alone in the woods while everyone else is having fun.  Here’s an important truth about camp activities, friends and roommate requests —> We are professionals who care about your kids…….trust us.  When a group of 10 friends gets split up into two different cabins, the two groups of 5 camp is better for everyone.  Camp is about seeing your returning friends, making new friends, trying exciting new activities, learning new skills, laughing, growing closer to God all while being encouraged and loved by our amazing camp.

Here are a few things you need to know about Cabin Assignments and Friends at Camp:

1) Cabin Set-up
We have 6 separate camp cabins.  In our main unit, we have two boys cabins on the main floor and two girls cabins above them.   We also have two newer cabins with a separate boys and girls unit.  Campers are thoughtfully placed in their cabins according to their age and grade.  Being placed by their age helps them to have the best experience possible.

2) 80% of your camp experience is spent outside of your individual cabin
-tracks, meals, shelter games, evening activities are all camp-wide, and evening chapel

3) Roommate Request Process
We will always make sure that your camper has at least one of their roommate requests in their cabin.  It is not healthy or possible for us to work our big matrix of camp requests to get perfect cabin assignments individually tailored to your child. We only have so many beds and staff in each cabin.  It would also be a bad experience for a solo camper to be in a cabin with 11 other campers who already know each other.  We want to be set up for success – not failure.  Roommate requests are found in your CampBrain account on your registration form, most of you completed it when you signed up for camp.

4) Making New Friends is a Life Skill
Our most important task Opening Day is to bond the cabin and to help new and returning campers bond and make friends — a skill that will help them the rest of their life.  There is no safer place than camp to learn these new skills.

5) Track and Activity Sign-ups
Since campers have the freedom to be together throughout the day, it’s important they know they have the freedom to sign up for any track they want to.  Just because their two friends from home don’t want to try the horse track should not stop them from taking part in our amazing equestrian program.  They will definitely see each other enough – we guarantee that!

 So to answer the original question:  It might be possible to put your camper in the same cabin as their 11 friends from home, but it would not be best for their personal growth, best for their cabin or best for camp.  We are intentional with everything we do – we always have a WHY.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

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