Most people don’t understand what we do at Summer Camp.  The perception of summer camps from most folks in the world is that they are filled with kids playing games, poison ivy, sunburn, capture the flag, bugs, campfires and s’mores.  Summer camps can be so much more than that.  Camp Arrowwood IS so much more than that. At Camp Arrowwood, our purpose is “to point children to lifelong change through Christ-like leaders in a safe and personal environment.”

We’ve had so many special campers over the years who point back to Camp Arrowwood as one of the main launching points toRoland their life and careers.  We are proud of the teachers, parents, lawyers, PhDs who are all leading well and glorifying Christ in their field today.

Instead of a generic summer camp video, we wanted to tell the story of the Power of Camp through one of our camper turned staff members, Roland Parker. I hope you will enjoy and share Roland’s Story.  –Mr Seth


If you would like to join us in our Purpose, please consider donating to Camp Arrowwood.  You can make a donation by visiting Wears Valley Ranch, please designate Camp Arrowwood on the form.



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