Arrowwood Director Seth Houser will share 5 tips for first-time campers and answer your questions.


  1. Have Confidence – If you are worried, they will be worried. If you are confident they are likely to be confident! We have a vigorous staff hiring and training process, we have a Doctor on campus, we are professionals. Please reach out if you have any questions.
  2. Practice Camp with your child – Practice writing postcards, making a bed, bathing, applying sunscreen, spend the night with a friend or grandparent. — Don’t overwhelm, but do practice
  3. The more you know ahead of time…….the better. Check out the daily schedule, track descriptions, Instagram counselor introductions, and the parent information packet.
    Check out:
    Parent Information:
    Day at Camp:
  4. Homelonely vs Homesick – “Your counselors are your fill in parents” – Don’t make pick-up deals. Do encourage them to have a wonderful time at camp
    Don’t make pick-up deals
  5. Label Everything – Your camper will lose something – it’s ok, we have a better chance of returning their items to them if everything has a label.

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