We are excited to welcome your family when Camp Arrowwood opens Sunday.  Please read this entire document as there are a number of important updates to our opening day procedures from 2018.

Our New Procedures!

Our 2019 opening day procedures are designed to make the process much speedier than in the past years and also ease both parents and campers anxiety.  New Process – As vehicles arrive on campus, they will line-up along the driveway next to the Shelter behind a line of orange cones.  At 3 pm, we will have camp staff approach vehicles in the order they arrive at camp, families will be greeted in their vehicles and directed to the camp cabins where parents can quickly help their campers make their beds, greet their counselors and then head back to the Shelter where campers and parents can visit the camp store, get their picture taken and visit the Camp Nurse (if needed) to drop off medication or to answer any questions.


This year at camp, we will be using the first entrance to camp, not the bigger entrance located past our barn.  Cars are welcome to line up in our driveway but remember, that we will start the check-in process at 3:00 pm.

Driving to Camp

The drive up to camp is a great time to remind your child that we want to know if they are having a problem at camp, physically, emotionally or with a camper or counselor. It’s a time to encourage them and get them excited!

Meet the Director

We would love to speak with you while you are at camp.  Mr. Seth will be stationed in the Shelter Gym and at the clipboard station.

Health and Medication

In an effort to be more speedy, campers will receive a health and lice check after dinner on Sunday night.  If your child has a fever or other symptoms of illness, please do not bring him to camp on Opening Day. Please call the camp office and consult with our camp doctor about their arrival time.

If you brought any medication for your child, daily or as needed, please deliver these to our Camp Nurse in the Shelter after you have already taken your camper’s belongings up to the cabin.  If you have not turned in your child’s health form and/or insurance information, please bring those to the check-in as well.


Do not bring your child to camp with live lice or nits (lice eggs).  Upon discovery of either at the health screen, our camp nurses will consult with the director and notify the parents to come and pick up their child.  Please avoid this by thoroughly checking your child prior to his arrival. If you are unsure, our camp nurse is available in the Shelter to check anyone out before you leave.

Cabin Assignments

We will always make sure that your camper has at least one of their roommate requests in their cabin.  It is not healthy or possible for us to work our big matrix of camp requests to get perfect cabin assignments individually tailored to your child. We only have so many beds and staff in each cabin.  It would also be a bad experience for a solo camper to be in a cabin with 11 other campers who already know each other. We want to be set up for success – not failure. Roommate requests are found in your CampBrain account on your registration form, most of you completed it when you signed up for camp.

Package Policy

You are welcome to send your camper a letter or care package while they are here at camp. Please allow three days for delivery. We encourage parents to send activity, color or joke books, playing cards or simple games, glow sticks etc. These items are fun to use during Cabin Time.

Please DO NOT send any food or candy. Many camps have banned care packages from their program. Please respect our rules and our campers by not sending anything edible.

Insider Tip: You are welcome to bring one package with you on Sunday and save money on postage.  Please write your camper’s name and the day you would like them to receive it.

Arrowwood Camp Store

We have Nalgene bottles, t-shirts, stickers and more exciting Camp Arrowwood gear in our Camp Store. For your convenience, the Arrowwood Camp Store will be open on Opening Day. Stop by!


If you have any outstanding forms, please bring them to check-in and turn those in.

We are looking forward to a great Summer.  Let us know if we can do anything to help!

Warm regards,

Seth Houser


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