Welcome to Camp Arrowwood 2020!

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This page is primarily for registered campers.

Thanks so much for registering your child to for Camp Arrowwood this Summer.  This page contains the information you need to know as you and your family prepare for camp.  Our most helpful document is our Parent Packet.  Please download and read it.

Parent Packet – Download and Enjoy!

2020 Health Form Update:

Our 2020 Health Form is able to be completed entirely online!  Not only will this new form help us serve your child better, but there is now no need for a physicians signature.  Please take your time when you fill it out.  Click on the link below to login to CampBrain.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s you cancellation policy?

We know that making family plans for the Summer can be stressful, and things sometimes change. We hope you will find our cancellation policy helpful. In the event that you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so we can fill the spot with someone from the waitlist. Dates: May 1: Final payment for camp is due. If you cancel before May 1st, Camp Arrowwood is able to refund all payments except a $25 administration fee from CampBrain Cancellations after May 1: Refunds after May 1 will be dependent on our ability to fill your spot. Our policy is NO refunds except for medical or family emergencies. If you have any more questions, please contact us.

Where do you get your counselors?

Our counselors are hand picked by us after a vigorous interview and vetting process. Unlike mega camps who have to hire hundreds of counselors, we are fortunate to be able to hand pick our 35 member team. Most of our staff are former campers and we see about 80% of our staff return every year.

Are there any discounts or scholarships available?

Yes, Camp Arrowwood does have a scholarship fund. If you are interested in financial assistance, please contact us. Discounts are also available to those who send multiple children from the same family.

How will my camper select their tracks?

Campers will select their tracks on the first night of camp. We have trained staff who are happy to help any camper who is new or who needs extra help. We’ll have the track leaders announce their track and then give the kids the opportunity to sign up for their different tracks.

What is the maximum number of campers per session?

For Summer 2020 the maximum number of campers we are able to serve per is 74. We will have 3 male cabins and 3 female cabins.

What happens in case of emergencies?

Camp Arrowwood has a medical professional living on campus during camp. Additional staff members are also trained to provide health care. All staff receive training in areas such as safety drills and other emergency procedures. Our motto is “safety first, second and third.”

How much money should I bring to camp?

Zero. We believe that campers having money while at camp can only present problems. Therefore, we have decided to give each camper a T-shirt and to also provide our nightly canteen snack at no additional price. Parents may want to bring money to opening and closing day to purchase Camp Arrowwood Caps, Visors, Water Bottles, and other merchandise.

What is the staff to camper ratio?

We will have approximately a 2:1 camper to staff ratio. Our staff is eager to interact and encourage your kids. We like to say “camp is for the camper” and our team is excellent at providing them undistracted attention.

Where can I find the forms that I need to come to camp?

At the top of this page, the parent information packet contains information and packing lists. The health form can be completed online on your CampBrain account.

When should I Drop off / Pick up my camper

Campers are expected to arrive between 3-5 PM on Sunday. Pick up at 4-5 on Friday. Campers may be picked up at the Shelter Gym.

How can I make sure my camper is with their friends?

You are allowed to have one roommate request, it can be found on your child’s form on CampBrain.